Hustle & Dough Baking Co.

is a cottage micro-bakery in Memphis, TN specializing in European-style naturally leavened (sourdough) breads and all-butter pastries.

 I bake sourdough breads out of my home kitchen on a semi-weekly basis. To reserve a loaf, follow me on Instagram @hustleanddoughbakingco and watch for my next batch bake announcement, or just send me an email:, to get your name on my waiting list.

I also work out of a commercial kitchen space at The Caritas Village making seasonal pies, cakes, and pastries that I sell wholesale locally. If you are an individual who is interested in ordering a pie for a special (or any) occasion, scroll to the bottom of this page for my seasonal pie menu, and then shoot me an email!

You can currently find my baked goods available for sale by the slice at City & State, in the Broad Ave Arts District, and featured at special events at The Caritas Village in Binghampton. 


Each loaf of Classic Country Sourdough is hand crafted in small batches with 10-15% freshly home-milled stone-ground whole wheat flour. 

 Each batch is 100% naturally leavened with a sourdough culture and long cold-fermented over two days for optimal flavor and nutritional value.

 Loaves are freshly baked and available for pickup (or special delivery if requested) in Midtown Memphis on a semi-weekly basis. I have to work my baking schedule around my other jobs, so it is easiest for me to announce the dates on Instagram (@hustleanddoughbakingco). 

Current Seasonal Pie Flavors

Classic Blueberry, BlackBerry, Black & BlueBerry, Peach, Peach Ginger, BlueberrY Peach, BlackBerry Peach, Peach & Plum
Fig & Pistachio+Almond Frangipane Tart
Plum+Nectarine  Almond Frangipane tart

If you are interested in ordering some sourdough bread, pies, cakes, or pastries, please send me an inquiry email at and I will happily send you more information.


All Photos By Simon Hua, 2016